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Genreshardcore, hardtechno, house, jump, retro, schranz, techno
As most dj's, dj Yorick too got caught by the music-virus at a very young age. Unlike most kids of his age, he already listened to club-music. Being a dj was still just a dream. A couple years later he had gained some money and could buy his first mixing-table. The practicing in what was always a dream could start. After some time, he was asked to play at a new years-party. DJ Yorick was a fact.

In 2001 he started playing at the student bar café Promille, and this for almost 6 wonderful years.
This opened some doors, and gave him a real change to evolve his skills.
Also a new opportunity was given for something completely different... radio. He got his own show on Friday night on the local Topradio-data station.
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Laatste optreden was op zaterdag 14 oktober 2017: Club X, Jaiselings Royal Palace, Wernhout
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