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NaamAlbert Bricio Asens
FunctieDJ, groep
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Skull Demon is a Frenchcore DJ and Producer. He started his career in 2014
playing at Mama Mandawa parties organized by Bassground and Teuf Kulture in
Barcelona. From here he started playing at Madhouse parties and at the best
and biggest festivals in Spain such as Montacore, Montagood and The End of
the World Festival.

Later, Skull Demon signed with Phrenetikal Records to expand his

Skull Demon created a label named Real Noize Official, that is still
organizing big events around Spain. In the following years his tracks and
sets began to spread throughout Europe.
He finished second in a Spanish contest for the Best Spanish Frenchcore
Hardcore DJ of 2015 and won the Project X Contest of Ruhr'G'Beat Events in
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