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Genresbreakcore, crossbreed, hardcore
A 24-year-old talented Spanish producer and DJ who plays mainly hard drum'n'bass, crossbreed, hardcore and breakcore. Despite the fact that she started her project 2 years ago, she has already gained recognition both in the Spanish, as well as in the international scene. Nayami is now part of Toxik Bookings, as well as of the Day of the Droids collective which organizes events and releases the hardest styles of electronic music. Nayami's productions are present on labels such as Frantic Bombing Rec. and A Nation of Distortion. So far, she has supported the following big names from the international scene: I:Gor, Hellfish, The Speedfreak, The Sickest Squad, Randy 909 and more.
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Laatste optreden was op zaterdag 7 april 2018: Core Floor, Icarus, Lübeck
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