Exos (foto)
NaamArnviður Snorrason
Genresminimal, techno
Arnvidur Snorrason is one of the most experienced and respected techno figures in Iceland. He has been active as Exos since 1997, the name under which he has released three albums and more than twenty singles on labels such as Force Inc, Thule records and Mosaic as well as making remix projects by fellows like Mark Broom, Ben Sims, DJ Rush, Steve O Sullivan, K Alexy, G-Man and Aubrey. Also of paramount importance, is his role as a dj, which has led him to perform across the continents in weird places like [undefined=undefined], Ostgut, U Club, Flash, Batofar, ect ect. His name is synonymous with quality and carries the purist guarantee for deep and unpolluted music. Upcoming is re issues of his old album "My home is Sonic" and his solo ep on Strobelight network...
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Laatste optreden was op zondag 26 juni 2016: Awakenings Festival, Spaarnwoude (deelplan houtrak), Halfweg
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