Latin Pro (foto)
NaamDairon Scorea
Genresbachata, latin
Dairon Scorea aka Dj Latin Pro is well known in the underground latin scene in Arnhem.
He started playing music for fun long time ago. One day he was asked to play at a party in the neighborhood and after that the parties keeps on coming so then he became one of Arnhems finest deejays.

5 years ago Dj Latin Pro changed his style and his DJ name (Donnie Decks) and started to play at a latin café called "La Papaya", located in Arnhem.
La Papaya is the place to be for people from South America and other Latin countries, to enjoy all kinds of Latin music.
It's also the place where Dj Latin Pro's hunger for bachata started to grow...
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Laatste optreden was op zondag 25 juni 2017: Breeze Festival, Aquabest, Best
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