FunctieDJ, groep
Lid van groep4 Minds
Genresdrum & bass
SabatA, what is that?

Prize hunter, always searching for the biggest drum'n'bass sounds to satisfy a public focused on debauchery.
Their power is now well-known by all throughout Belgium with events like Fuse club, F*ckin' Beat, wasted skins party, secondary effect, dub-timus, warrior dance, khc, electroblog session, fiesta city festival,…
A bounty has been put on their heads by some of the largest artists in the electronic music scene like Macky Gee, Blackley, Modified Motion, Figure, Doctor P, Dodge&Fuski, Chrispy, Tomba, Reso, Calvertron, Son of Kick, Stéreoheroes, AKS, Stagga, Requake, Jogo, Dave Luxe, L'ab, La Tourette, DJ Odilon,…
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Party agenda SabatA
Laatste optreden was op vrijdag 16 oktober 2015: Forbidden Society Recordings, Caves des cornillons, Luik
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