Kekke Dames (foto)
NaamMarise van Noordenne & Julie van Loef
FunctieDJ, groep
AliasNaughty Noisez (voorganger)
Genresdeephouse, techhouse
Marise van Noordenne and Julie van Loef. Mix them together and they make the refreshing female DJ-duo Kekke Dames.

Started off in the summer of 2013 as DJ-duo Naughty Noisez. They began their career by means of the genres moombahton and trap. During 2014, their love for tech house and techno music kept growing and surpassed their appreciation for moombahton, therefore they decided to change courses and rename themselves as Kekke Dames in January 2015.

Nowadays, they have earned their spot in the scene as they are playing alongside names such as Secret Cinema, De Sluwe Vos and Joran van Pol...
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