NaamMarco Campani & Paris Koumiotis
Nerd Flanders were born from the ashes of Paris Koumiotis and Marco Campani, who decide to join their musical differences in 2009, just to grow up a new project which join the most dangerous ACID' sounds with the darkest part of Techno, bringing you in the deepest cave of the Hell at last.
Theyove got a foot in the "worst" italian clubs, from Link of Bologna to Vox of Nonantola, from Elektrovelvet of Rimini, to Club Max of Brixen, and also overseas to Acquarius and Peppermint in Zrce beach (Croatia); they are also resident in one of the best party in the north of Italy, called Wow, based in Tunnel Club of Reggio Emilia...
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Laatste optreden was op vrijdag 19 december 2014: Our Little Old House, BAR, Rotterdam
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