CUT_ (foto)
NaamSebastiaan Dutilh & Belle Doron
Functielive act, groep, zanger
Genreselectro, pop
CUT_ is an Amsterdam based Electronic-music duo consisting of producer Sebastiaan Dutilh and vocalist Belle Doron. Their music is a response to the English Trip-hop and Bass sound of the past decade, with a modern twist. Acts like Burial, Mount Kimbie, Massive Attack and James blake are great sources of inspiration.

CUT_ released their first single 'Twisting and Turning" in February. Shorty after they followed it up with their very successful rendition of Stromae's summer hit 'Papaoutai". From that moment on, CUT_ rapidly gained ground in the European underground scene. The music video went viral in several European countries and CUT_ quickly reached their first milestones as a band...
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