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NaamSascha Hodler
Groove is what you think when the name Jon Donson appears. He learned to play bass at the age of 15. He further developed his talent in various bands in many different styles. In 2006 he started an eventlabel called Elektrostubete with two Friends. This was kind of the initial ignition for his career as a DJ and producer. Nowadays it's hard to guess back in the Swiss Club scene without thinking of Jon Donson. He released his debut in 2010 on Sirion Records. Many other releases and remixes for and with Mastra, Kellerkind, Patrick Podage, Clap Your Hands, Sirion Records, Lucidflow, Coton Tige, V.I.M, Tip Tap found their ways to listeners all over the world.
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Laatste optreden was op zaterdag 20 december 2014: Sonic 23, BERNEXPO, Bern
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