Sebastian Diaz & Venus (foto)
NaamSebastiaan van Essen & Marcel van Veen
FunctieDJ, groep
Sebastian Diaz, Sebastiaan van Essen
Venus, Marcel van Veen
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When 'Venus' and 'SebastianDiaz' met they both had experience in music, 'Venus' in spinning and 'SebastianDiaz' in producing. Right from the start they could get along with each other. 'Sebastian Diaz' went along with 'Venus' to experience gigs and to find out how people react one their music. Quickly after that they have changed their name in to 'SebastianDiaz&Venus' to show the world that they were a team. Each day they learn from each other. They have to same passion; bring music and joy to the world.

The combination of the two is very strong and energetic. They achieved a lot in the past few years such as several releases, spinning records at great clubs and got many support of great international DJ's.
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