Nephilim (foto)
NaamDimitri Eeuwen
Genresdrum & bass, dubstep
My name is Dimitri Eeuwen a.k.a. Nephilim. I'm a Dj/Producer from Lelystad.

In 2010 I bought my first turntable. Since that moment I'm addicted to play music. First i bought a midi controller and practice every day with my mate Kibba. After 2 years I decided to do more with the music.
In 2012 I bought a pioneer set and start producing my own music.

2012 is also the year my party Bassmental was born.
Bassmental is a party I organized with some friends, 2 of them are Kibba and Mc TEN6.
Bassmental is a party for upcoming dj's and producers who are in to all kinds of bass music.
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