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"Techno has to have that dirty taste... it has to run right into the stomach, the core...."

Grown up between keyboards, guitars and microphones music has always been a key to her heart. But no other style of music has ever given her a bigger sense of freedom and emotional satisfaction than the electronic underworld back in the 1990s. The night life in and around Hessen and later on in Munich - in clubs of which many have closed and only their spirit is still on our minds - burned in for years. Finally, in 2008, the addiction to the sound and the interest in vinyl lead to the first own turntables and the beginning of an own record collection.

After two spontaneous trips to Ibiza in 2010, which provided several gigs along the Playa d'en Bossa, the first contacts were made and the idea was born to spend the main season 2011 on the island. As DJ-Team "CURTIZandEVE" she started off with her partner to gain a deeper insight into a world of daily pioneer bookings and inspiring international artists. For herself this summer brought weekly bookings in Carl Cox beach bar "Sands" and regular playtimes at the official pre-parties for Amnesia, Space or Ushuaïa at a venue called "Beach Palace".

With time and new experience from the other side of the decks she developed her preference for well defined, minimal beats with deep shades and a raw technotic drive.

2013 - after moving back to Frankfurt am Main - one German city that has always characterized the international electronic music scene and still shapes music on a wide range level - and some time of settlement, her main focus is now on using her musical skills and instrumental knowledge for own productions…..

While gigs across Germany feed her inspiration.

"I've done many excursions and enjoy many kinds of electronic music, but my HEART beats TECHNO…."
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