Demi Trash (foto)
NaamRien Cleuren & Dieter Dreezen
FunctieDJ, groep
partyflock Demi Trash (13 mei 2013)
Demi Trash captures both techno and tech-house. Their style is what Milimes is all about: the no nonsense party groove. Whether their sets could be classified as techno or tech-house, it just doesn't matter. There's just one rule: to get the party going. It was a logical choice to opt for Demi Trash as Milimes-representatives. They know the underground scene inside out.

They played at Hi-Lo, Il Cavo, The Zoo, Tanzen and 129 BPM. Here he shared the decks with Nick Curly, Ramon Tapia, Sable Sheep, Hermanez, Deltano, Ilario Liburni, Tom Dazing, Stanny Franssen and Michael Thoelen. The guys from FloorFiller also realized it's worth giving this guy a chance to play: Demi Trash rocked the boat party amongst Ode Maen, Bollen & Fichtner, Sjef Wanders, Nick Vallon and Joyhauser.
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Laatste optreden was op zaterdag 28 januari 2017: Milimes, Real club, Tongeren
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