Genrespsytrance, techno
Cristian Vigati aka Virtuanoise is an Italian artist who produce psychedelik hitech music .. At 7 years he start study accordion and keyboard ..he learn from a young age the basics and theory of music. After years of study, on 15 years he start to go to psytrance parties, where he discorver a new music.....At 16 years he start to play music as a DJ and open his knowledge for produce sounds and edit it with Cubase and Ableton ...
Since 2002, Cristian start to make music with his psychedelics ideas, with grooves and loops very fast, hi-tech sound and fm modulation, creating environmental situations very dark with crazy melodies...
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Laatste optreden was op zaterdag 6 december 2014: Sound from the underground, Factory 010, Rotterdam
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