L'Equipe du Son (foto)
Genresdisco, electro, house
Growing up L'Equipe du Son was a mild-mannered teenager from a bleak, unambitious family. It's evening time and we find L'Equipe du Son in his room, making music while a heavy storm is raging outside. He decides to hack into a government mainframe for more processing power and data storage capacity.
But unknowingly he has actually hacked into a secret government program when suddenly a lightning bolt strikes his house leading to a series of supernatural occurrences and a violent explosion!
After the smoke has cleared nothing seems different at first but when L'Equipe du Son starts making music again he discovers he has superhuman abilities and can digitise himself into the mainframes of his synthesizers and computer...
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Laatste optreden was op donderdag 31 december 2015: Dutch Disco & Spark NYE, Chicago Social Club, Amsterdam
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