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HerkomstVerenigd Koninkrijk
Genresgrime, hip hop, r&b
Co-head of Her Records, Sudanim is shaping the next generation of British Dance Music. Refusing to consider music by genre, Sudanim separates his work exclusively by tempo to create music that can't be boxed in or categorised without citing three of four comparisons.
It's a easily identifiable aesthetic built on ever-building percussion that can tumble down in a violent crush at any moment. It's nominally music for the floor, but offers equally impressive skill and musicianship for listening outside the club.
With more of a focus on emotive melody & much slower tempos, Sudanim sets himself apart from the growing scene building underneath the likes of Hyperdub & Night Slugs, while still gaining recognition amongst his peers and influences...
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Laatste optreden was op zaterdag 12 december 2015: deadHYPE presents: JUST JAM, Chicago Social Club, Amsterdam
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