NaamGiovanni Jaël Jano-Fatbinan
Genresfuture house, hip hop, r&b
Vroegere namen
  • Jaël, tot 21 augustus 2019
Giovanni Jano, better known as Jaël, is a 23 year old Moluccan musician, beatmaker and sound designer from the northside of the Netherlands (Drachten). His passion for music all began when he grew up with soul/funk classics & Vinyl. His parents are funk & soul lovers, so Jaël started to embrace these vibes and wanted to make his own music.

Jaël came into contact with the guitar, drums, keys and started to realize that playing music is his destiny. Playing instruments become second nature to him, but a few years later he was exploring some music programmes and felt like making music on his old Windows PC. Jaël mixed his soul & funk feels with his electronic vibes and combined it with a touch of smoothness & beats.
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