Upbeat & Mighty House (foto)
NaamJens & Lode
FunctieDJ, producer, groep
GenresEDM, electro, house, trap
SiteSite upmiho.be
Upbeat & Mighty House. Two youngsters teamin' up to crank up the crowd like it ain't no thing.
These guys are send to make you shake and dance all night long. Yes, they're made for this sh*t!
Using electro, house and some R'n'B-tunes to fill u up. But, sometimes, just when the time is right, these guys throw in some vocals and a little touch of trap!
All day and all night, they're workin' hard, creating their own style and sound.

So, keep an eye on this team, 'cause they'll make you scream!
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Party agenda Upbeat & Mighty House
Laatste optreden was op zaterdag 4 februari 2017: Freeze 2017, Futur, Turnhout
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