NaamOliver Donath
Genresdrum & bass
Oliver Donath as the artist Species, start's in the year 1996.

Since ,his vibe opened the mind from all around,and let him show
what kind is hidden !

In 1997 his brother and him, began the Project "Silent Riot",
witch moved in the Year 2007 into to the Drum n Bass label

"Shadowforces was set up to become a plattform for
open minded people within the electronic music scene,
especially for those who prefer the darker side of bass heavy
dancefloor music. Our aim is to put out quality sounds of
more or less known talents from around the globe."

Species sound is always a travel trough his musical visions
witch never loose a telling story and character !
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Party agenda Species
Laatste optreden was op zaterdag 18 oktober 2014: Broken Note, Subland, Berlijn
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