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NaamMelchor Rosell
Melohman aka Melchor Rosell, first contact with turntables occurred more than 10 years ago when he started his career, mixing in clubs around Mallorca and Ibiza. His well-appreciated and very personal style opened the doors for him at eading clubs such as Nikki Beach, Miniclub, and other places around Spain, including Velvet Underground in the Canary Islands.
He has shared the DJ booth with deep house legends Chris Duckenfield and Jamie Jones, who influenced his style to help him grow as a musician.
In 2006, Melohman stepped up his career connecting with the promoters of Underclub and King Kamehameha Club to return to Mallorca and Ibiza again...
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Laatste optreden was op vrijdag 17 oktober 2014: The Reboots connects R2 records & United Records, Rose's Cantina, Amsterdam
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