NaamMatar Desmet & Emilio & Antoni Beirnaert
FunctieDJ, groep
Beta Brothers, Emilio & Antoni Beirnaert
Point.Blank, Matar Desmet
Genresdrum & bass, dubstep
Point.blank and Beta Brothers decided to combine forces and started a new project under the name Shadow Crooks.
Consisting of 3 guys who have the same intrest in music.
BASS music.
Their breakfast contains music with heavy basslines, nasty drums and metal stabs.

Point.Blank has sharpened his talent over the years,
producing filthy Dubstep and realasing on labels such as Dubsaw, Prime Audio, Never say die...

Beta Brothers are 2 crazy brothers, resident of Invaderz and member of the Sub Salute crew.
Over the years they gained a lot of knowledge in the Drum & Bass scene.

Point.Blank takes these two crooks under the shadow of his wings. Together they gonna take over the scene with new
chest-breaking sounds and inspiring sets.
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