JAcid0REX (foto)
NaamSimon Jadot
FunctieDJ, live act
Lid van groepApolloud
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Simon Jadot, Alias Jacidorex, is an 21 years old producer from Brussel.
He discover acid in the end of 2013 and fall in love with immediately, thanks to Mr Gasmask and Acidolido.
He is now well-knowed on the Acid scene, but he also produce Techno under the name of J. Rex.
And where Techno meets Acidcore, there comes the Neoacid.
According to him, Neoacid is a new style of music, including all kind of Acid like Acidcore, Acid or Industrial Techno, but also Dark Electro (like Gesaffelstein, wich is a big inspiration for him), as long as you can regognize the Acid sound inside.
And if you refresh those style with hardware like Ableton or Fl Studio, but you keep the Old School stuff like TB-303 and TR-909, then you get Neoacid...
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