foto Alan Morris
Genresprogressive trance, trance


Attending piano lessons at the age of 6 and playing Mozart with a German philharmonic orchestra when he was 11 simply meant that Alan Morris was passionate about music from a very early age.

He successfully participated in several music contests and played violin, viola and organ as part of his education. His all round musical journey continued when in 2005 he became the choirmaster of a gospel choir all that while still performing as pianist, organist & accompanist all around in concerts, art exhibits and live gigs regularly.

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Super gedraaid in de panama 2017 17 feb.­bedankt .­

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nooit zien draaien, maar zijn producties zijn ongekend!

Uitspraak van skitmeister op woensdag 25 januari 2017 om 17:51:
nooit zien draaien, maar zijn producties zijn ongekend!

Hahaha, helemaaal mee eens :) Waarom halen ze deze geweldenaar niet vaker naar NL, ongelooflijk goede trance !!!