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NaamFederico Luyo
Quickly estabilishing as a key player in the new soulful house scene, Luyo is at the helm of Double Cheese Records. In little time the italian born and caribbean grown DJ and Producer has reached #1 on most house music charts, gaining world wide support by top DJs, radio stations and magazines producing songs remixed by the likes of Lenny Fontana, Aki Bergen, DJ Spen and M&S.
Beginning his DJ career in 2002 in Antigua (West Indies) as the resident DJ at the Abracadabra club, Federico Luyo made it in few years a Ministry Of Sound World Tour official venue and Soul II Soul Back II Life festival location, playing alongside guests as Barbara Tucker, Phats & Small, Sebastien Krieg, Norman Jay, DJ Rocco, Tony Humphries, Kenny Carpenter, DJ Ravin...
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Laatste optreden was op zaterdag 22 oktober 2016: Cuisine, TOMS Flagship, Amsterdam
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