Mario Modano (foto)
NaamMario Knipschild
Genresdeephouse, EDM, electro, progressive, techhouse
Mario Knipschild a.k.a. Mario Modano is a rough diamond gradually polishing each facet. He grew up close to Maastricht in the Netherlands
At the age of 14 he discovered electronic music. At the age of 18 he start producing with the first d.a.w. Ejay dance followed by fruityloops and Reason.
At the moment he is using Mainly Logic pro 9 and Fl studio 10.
The time spent there, the experience and the musical inspiration have significantly influenced his sound. Shortly after the producing he also find his way to the turn tables During his career Mario Modano has released many tracks and remixes.
Aside from being an amazing producer, Mario Modano is also a fantastic DJ. His music and DJ skills have gradually landed him an international DJ career...
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