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Genreship hop, r&b
YOUNITED has been raised by music. It grew up in a house where it let the Hip-Hop and R&B blast through the speakers. He took over the skills at an early age of 13 years it knew entertaining a crowd was her first love and life passion.

Known for her pumpin' Hip-Hop and R&B sets, YOUNITED has embraced other music genres such as House music, Rock and club classics, there's nothing that YOUNITED can't mix. To her, music is not just about playing the right track but to create a vibe that is infectious, energizing and nothing like clubbers have experienced before.

DJ YOUNITED has become a highly spoken about and well- known phenomenon that it possesses to get the dance floor rocking.
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Laatste optreden was op zaterdag 13 september 2014: After Summer, Bau-huis, Sint-Niklaas
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