Nafthaly Ramona (foto)
Genresclassics, dancehall, eclectic, house, r&b
Nafthaly Ramona's love for music goes deep. Around the age of 14 she already used to make CDs with tracks from artists like Naughty by Nature to Mase and from Montell Jordan to Jagged Edge. Where Nafthaly went, the music came along. Urban summerjams she put on CDs to play at the beach on heavy ghettoblasters. High energy dancehall tracks she selected to play on friends birthdays and smooth R&B classics you could find on the USB-stick in her car. At friends' parties Nafthaly always made sure there was the right music, and everyone she knew soon started calling her 'misses DJ".

After finishing her study at the University of Utrecht she then realised nothing mattered to her as much as music. She started to learn about DJ basics...
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