foto Calyx & TeeBee
NaamLarry Cons & Torgeir Byrknes
FunctieDJ, groep
Calyx, Larry Cons
Teebee, Torgeir Byrknes
HerkomstVerenigd Koninkrijk Noorwegen
Genresdrum & bass
To drum & bass fans the world over the names Calyx & TeeBee are synonymous with high quality, perfectly sculpted music. Just as Michelangelo discovered statues in blocks of stone, so Calyx & TeeBee discovered the essence of D&B locked away in studio equipment; always forward-thinking and packed with as much integrity as energy; their music has had an impact on the scene for over fifteen years.

While Calyx & TeeBee's first collaborations emerged in 2004, their history and friendship dates back to 1998 when they were introduced as label-mates of the legendary Moving Shadow imprint. In the following years the two artists accumulated astounding solo back-catalogues of releases on a glittering array of D&B's most respected labels.
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Mooi ritmisch en vette bass. Love it :P