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Genresambient, electro
Early Reflections is a single man electronic music project, based on an unutterable passion for music and an ever growing interest in technology.
Since his youth he has been practicing instruments, starting to produce electronic music around his 16th.

Because of the inspiration by all kinds of genre's and artists, he is a producer with a broad palette of different sounds.
His overall style is enlongated, atmospheric and sometimes melodic techno, or in his own words: huiskamertechno (living room techno).
But, don't be suprised when you discover ambient, dub or other sounds in his vast collection of productions.

The comprehensive use of hardware synthesizers and drumcomputers causes sounds to be unique and organic, making tracks come alive.
Please enjoy his music, in the morning, evening, during school/work, on the moon or in the sky, it all suits.
Headphones are recommended...
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Laatste optreden was op zaterdag 18 oktober 2014: Vault Sessions, BEAT Club, Amsterdam
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