Livity Sound (foto)
NaamTom Ford, Joe Cowton & Craig Stennet
FunctieDJ, groep
Asusu, Craig Stennet
Kowton, Joe Cowton
Peverelist, Tom Ford
HerkomstVerenigd Koninkrijk
Livity Sound, the Bristol-based label trio of Tom Ford (Peverelist), Joe Cowton (Kowton) and Craig Stennett (Asusu), announce the release of CD compilation Livity Sound. Since late 2010 their Livity Sound label has released a series of vital 12"s by all three producers. Low-key, hand-stamped white labels, with tracks cut loud for optimal sound system use, they contain some of the most exciting and visceral UK dance music of recent years - placing Pev's exquisitely balanced rhythm science alongside Kowton's grime-infused techno and Asusu's atmospheric, percussive club tracks.
Livity Sound gathers together all six Livity Sound 12"s released to date alongside Pev & Kowton's 'Raw Code' and 'Junked', which were released in early 2013 on Hessle Audio...
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