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Genrespsytrance, trance
He comes from far away, he was born in the deepness of the indian ocean. He start's mixing with the the tender age of 13 years and spinning the vinyl wheels on every technics mk II and replica turntables whenever he can. He had his first contact with psychedelic dance music and Goa-partys in 1993 at the legendary VooV Experience Festival, the mother of all Goa open air events outside india, big thank and veneration
to Antaro, Scotty, Amrisha and the whole good old spirit zone crew, without you, would have the whole not as developed, your crazy peoples are the roots and parents of the psytrance
movement... last but not least, Vikash bought some vinyl record's again and again and more and more...
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Laatste optreden was op woensdag 16 augustus 2017: Psy-Fi, Groene ster, Leeuwarden
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