Para Halu (foto)
NaamAdam Hohmann
AliassenSpacequake, Traum Atlas
Genrespsytrance, trance
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The man behind Para Halu is Adam Hohmann, a multi-talented Hungarian producer who since his very young age has been always enchanted by music. After discovering computer based music production and trying himself in very different areas from beatless ambient to dirty ass-kicking drum'n'bass, he began writing psychedelic tunes as Para Halu in 2002. The past more than 10 years have seen Para Halu as part of many great international events from huge festivals such as Universo Paralello, Ozora or Fullmoon to indoor clubs and underground gatherings from Japan to Brazil all over the world. Para Halu has produced six full-length studio albums so far as well as countless tracks on various compilations...
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