Lucylove (foto)
NaamLucinda Wessels
Genresafro, dancehall, future house, garage, hip hop, house, r&b, reggae, trap
Being the real 90's kid that she is, she naturally kicked off her DJ career treating the clubs with some sexy r&b tunes and hip hop classics.

However.. Her open mindedness, musicality and insatiable lust for the unknown, caused a rapid growth in her artistry and sound.
combining it with her natural ability to translate music into movement while transmitting raw energy and emotion to the crowd. Lucylove has created an authentic sound that goes beyond hearing.

Versatility is what marks her first mixtape 'First Things First' Made for the all female collective Dam Dutchess. Never loosing her roots she brings the set to a whole new dynamic. mixing it with beats, trap, hip hop and future sounds.
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Laatste optreden was op zaterdag 24 december 2016: Klear, Chicago Social Club, Amsterdam
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