Tears of Fury (foto)
NaamIvan Moser
Leeftijd26 - 27
Boekingen viaSite mostwanted.dj/artists/tearsoffury
Tears of Fury – The Alpine Hardcore blizzard! Born and raised in the Italian alps, this dynamic producer got in touch with Hardcore music at the ripe age of 9 and after an eventful hardcore upbringing decided to get his hands on some DJ gear and started performing his first ever gigs in 2009. At that point there was no going back for Tears of Fury, especially after winning an Italian Masters Of Hardcore deejay contest in 2011 that resulted in the chance to perform at a one of the leading Italian Hardcore clubs, the infamous "Florida' Club near Brescia. In 2011 Tears of Fury decided to produce music and immediately scored successes in remix contests for Mad Dog and This is Hardcore...
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