NaamSherard Ingram
HerkomstVerenigde Staten
Genreselectro, techno
It is 3:47AM eastern standard time in Detroit, and Sherard Ingram is smoothing out the microscopic kinks in his latest composition. While the focus of his finessing would not be audible to the average ear, his consistent drive to weave a distinctive techno masterpiece is the thread that has captured the attention of alternative audiences worldwide. Whether he is sharing his unconventional techno offerings with crowds in Berlin, Madrid, Glasgow, Amsterdam, Paris, London or at home on U.S. soil; the deep and authentic roots of this electronic visionary's music are undeniable.
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2 opmerkingen

wat zou ik hem graag een keer live horen zeg !
Uitspraak van <Mark> op vrijdag 27 juli 2007 om 20:04:
wat zou ik hem graag een keer live horen zeg !