Riktam & Bansi (foto)
NaamShajahan Matkin & Josef Quinteros
AliasGrowling Mad Scientists (GMS)
Genreshouse, progressive, techhouse
SiteSite gms-music.com
Riktam & Bansi have come to be known under a variety of monikers over the last decade, having achieved their greatest success so far under their Growling Mad Scientists project, with a total of eight artist albums, tracks appearing on over 150 releases and more than 200,000 album sales, their studio wizardry is unquestionable.

Normally known for a more driving sound, the "Riktam & Bansi" project sees them embark in a different direction, towards a style which encompasses a slower more groove-oriented techno backbone. While retaining all of their flavor for the dancefloor, their productions as Riktam & Bansi show the breadth and diversity of their studio skills, without losing any of their unique take on melody or sound construction.
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Laatste optreden was op zaterdag 13 september 2014: Dream Nation Festival, Les Docks de Paris, Aubervilliers

Party agenda Growling Mad Scientists (GMS) (alias)
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