NaamMarc Holstege
Genresdeephouse, electro, house, progressive, techhouse
partyflock Marc Holstege (16 okt 2014)
Marc Holstege is a young DJ & Producer from the Netherlands who's finding his way up in the techno scene, and with succes. He started as a little boy mixing tracks in his bedroom but soon enough he thought that it was time to share his music with the public world.

Only one year ago he started the 'Stressless' mixtape, and with succes. Soon the first bookings came in and Marc's career started. Now, only 20 years old, Marc has already performed in some of the greatest techno cities in the Netherlands like Amsterdam, Utrecht, Nijmegen, Amersfoort & Zwolle.

At this time Marc also started focussing on making his own tracks. And at the moment he is close to signing his first couple of tracks at some major record labels.
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