Franky2Times (foto)
NaamFrank Klick
Lid van groepBanganagangbangers
Genresgarage, house
Franky2Times a.k.a Frank Klick started dj ing in 2012. After a lot of hours trail and error, he started a group together with Samuel Monty, Nasty Nesto, Steady Mobbin and Mc Sid called BANGANAGANGBANGERS, in only a year they gained over more then 50 gigs, from small venues to big events. Together with Steady Mobbin he's producing tracks for BANGANAGANGBANGERS. In 2013 he created his own concept, named LOST, were he became resident dj, playing UK related music. From there on everything felt in to place.
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Laatste optreden was op dinsdag 28 februari 2017: Dollen Dinsdag, Evenemententerrein, Hilvarenbeek

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