WuduB!? (foto)
NaamKris Baekelandt
Genresdub, dubstep, jungle
As a kid Kris Baekelandt practically grew up in his dad's studio where he looped, raped and sometimes accidentally deleted his father's music. He started playing the keys seriously when he was 12 years old. Now WuduB!? is providing the heads with a mix of deep breaks, jungle joints and uplifting dub'n step tracks!

When the occasion arises he spices up his dj sets with Theremin sounds, Microkorg fx's and the deep and powerful reggae voice of MC Babylonbuster.
As a vinyl lover WuduB!? is still trying to find his sounds on plastic, so you can fully enjoy that warm vinyl bass sound!
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Party agenda WuduB!?
Laatste optreden was op zaterdag 11 juli 2015: Beatfarm Festival 2015, Huybergsebaan, Essen
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