Actitect (foto)
NaamJoris Visser
Functielive act
Leeftijd36 - 37
Genresminimal, techhouse, techno
As the founder of Symbiotic Sessions and one of the driving forces behind Reblin Records, musician and designer Actitect utilizes music to perfectly balance performance and technology. And although he directs his productions at the global techno-genre, he explores the perimeters of this style with conceptual, contentual and narrative elements.

His work can be described as saturated and harmonious, as well as melancholic, rude and synthetic. With his ever evolving liveset, with tables full of gear, Actitect will move your feet, shake your soul and twist your brain...

bookings, remix request, demo's etc:
i n f o @ a c t i t e c t. c o m

Actus(latin): 'a doing, an impulse"
Tekton(greek): 'builder, crafter"
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