Chopstick (foto)
NaamChi-Thien Nguyen
Lid van groepChopstick & JohnJon
Genresdeephouse, techhouse
Born in south of Germany to a vietnamese artist family, chopstick aka Chi-Thien Nguyen may not be able to lay claim to having dated Gisele Bündchen, neither did he invent the Roland TB-303 nor has been punk'd on MTV. But with 10 years of classical piano lessons, 3 years of spanish guitar lessons, 2 years of music harmony lesson, 10 years of studio skills and 4 years of turntable experience under his belt, chopstick is able to lay claim to a production and DJ sound that is genuinely all his own. No Wonder he has remixed artists such as Madonna, Britney Spears, LL Cool J, Xzibit, Deep Dish, Miss Kittin, Sister Sledge, etc. to name only a few.
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