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Genresdeephouse, techno
Born in Colombia, Andres Feles has been active in the Underground Scene Since 2004. Starting with Acid House, he now plays somewhere between Minimal/Techno. His love of what he does shines through his selection, and his knowledge of music runs deep.
Andres Feles unquestionably falls into the latter category. As a teen Andres Feles quickly earned a reputation for forward thinking DJ sets that were clinical, sophisticated and extremely Trippy. This combination resulted With a reputation for high energy sets that were versatile and tasteful, In 2007, Andres Feles got a residency In his home town In Pereira. In 2008 he made the decision to head east and set up camp in New York City, determined to bring a slice ofHis Berlin Techno Underground Taste to the Big Apple.
Andres Feles has been quietly producing since 2008. Influenced heavily by the Detroit Techno and Berlin sounds, Underground rhythms the main objective with the project is to synthesize the two similar sonic worlds into a tapestry that is uniquely his own. After several remixes and self released CD releases, Andres Feles made his live performance debut in 2009.
In 2011 he collaborated with Speedy J. 2011 Andres Feles debut on New York CIty and has followed up with subsequent releases that have drawn a reputation for symbolizing the contemporary sound of Detroit Techno/Berlin. This fall, Feles is releasing his Eat Me Human EP And other labels in 2012 You will hear more Releases of Andres Feles he's currently living in New York City, working on collaborations, remixes, and original material.

Sorry If you have send me a Demo and haven't Reply to you But i will go trough all of them and get back to you guys Thank you for Your Time!
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