Jens Holmes (foto)
Lid van groepNo Shit Like Deep
Leeftijd40 - 41
Genresdisco, house, techno, trance
Besides his residency at the Club Decadance, he also plays or has played as guest dj in most clubs in Belgium e.g. Café D'Anvers, Culture Club, Cherry Moon, Club 69 now Suite 16, Pacha and events such as: Free Vibes, Push IT, 10 Days Off, Body 2 Body, Beats Of Love, Xbeach, .... Since April 2004 Jens Holmes is a monthly resident in France. He played in Lyon @La Chapelle and got to meet Fred K with whom he started playing gigs with at Club La Maizon, Folies Pigalles, Le Tryptique aka Social Club, OPA and Nouveau Casino in Paris. He also played/plays as a guest in Holland@De Rechter, Eindhoven. Check out his agenda for further details...
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Laatste optreden was op zaterdag 7 juni 2014: Let it Beat, Decadance, Gent
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