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NaamShano Dalfour
Shano Dalfour is active in the music business for quite some time, started as a rapper performing in The Netherlands. As an example Shano performed as a pre act with The Opposites in a sold out Patronaat in Haarlem, Shano's home town! Back in those days Shano was a promosing rapper, who definately marked his hometown Haarlem. Several recordlabels offered to officially release the record 'Lekker ballen" Due to personal circumtances Shano could not exploid this opportunity.

After a rough period in life, Shano decided to leave the rap scene and enter the world of House. Because of his passion for electronical beats he started pumping House beats as DJ Shano Dalfour. Entering the House scene felt deliberating, a new DJ was born! Styles like Electro House, Dutch House & Latin House are also performed by DJ Shano Dalfour.

Shano operates within a team of 3 members, when the time is right they will be revealed to the audience. Shano will be overflowing you with bootlegs, remixes, original tracks, mixtapes and every three weeks 1h long mixtapes!
Lots of and high expectations from DJ Shano Dalfour, certainly his music will be blasting on events, clubs and not to forget through your personal speakers!
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