2K (foto)
Genresdrum & bass
Boekingen viaSite shadowbox.cz/2k
DJ 2K Czech is the drum'n'bass scene since 2000, is a member of Shadowbox, which is involved in running a website. Together with DJ Nitrous Shadowbox presents a radio show on Radio 1 Prague, which focuses mainly on news from the world drum'n'bass scene.

In 2003, IM Cyber ​​prepared with music for the successful theatrical performances Discopigs.

With DJ Nitrous form djing tandem, under which pseudonym Nitropank.

Played on larger drum'n'bassových events alongside well-known names such as Klute, Nu Tone, Lee, Blame, High Contrast, Matrix, Kosheen, Nookie, Goldie and more ..
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