NaamRandy Joubert & Darian Malik Ilhan
Darian Code, Malik Ilhan
Randy Katana, Randy Joubert
The Code Alliance is a joint venture of legendary Dutch Antillian producer: Randy Joubert, also known as Randy Katana, and DJ Darian Code. The project named: Code, which is based on the music style Techno, originates from the humble beginnings of Randy in 1995 when he started the label: 'Tri-Lamb" (Fraternity in the movie: 'Revenge Of The Nerds"). His Techno background was later on combined with the euphoric sound of what today is known as Trance music, thus creating the unique Katana sound: TTT(Tribal Tech Trance). Project Code is therefore a 'Back To Basics" project, and will mark the beginning of a new era in search of the new sound that will inspire the world of dance music.
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