Bobby Ewing (foto)
NaamJimmy Dewit
Lid van groepenDiscobar Galaxie & Shameboy
Genres80s, classics, disco, electro, funk, italo, rock
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DJ Bobby Ewing is a lot like a train. A party train. Electro, acid, house and breaks are the main roads. Usually he stays on track, but from time to time - when the time is right - he goes off the rails on a journey through the never ending musical landscape. Deep space boogie or 80s pop, disco or good ol' funk, B-Boy hip hop or even some soul classics may pass you by (and make you say my, my, my). At the end lies a drum 'n bass-line - a wake-up call - and then back on track again.
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Party agenda Bobby Ewing
Laatste optreden was op zondag 28 augustus 2016: Maanrock, Centrum, Mechelen
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