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Joe's from London.
For a while, he played the drums, tinkered with computers, and messed around with music-making. Nothing serious.
But after discovering FWD, Plastic People, and DMZ in 2006, he started trying to produce "properly". Which basically meant he wanted to hear something of his own on a good, loud sound system. And hopefully have people enjoy it, dance to it.
Eventually, after a lot of hacking away at the sequencer, this happened. ("It was pretty amazing for me", he says, "and it's still a great experience, whenever it does".)
Joe released his first 12" on Hessle Audio in 2009, and followed it with further singles there (Claptrap, &c.) and on other labels, including Hemlock Recordings (MB / Studio power on, &c.)...
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Laatste optreden was op zaterdag 31 maart 2018: Shelter; Joe, William Djoko, Izabel, Shelter, Amsterdam
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