Djamal (foto)
NaamDjamal Fateh
Genresdeephouse, psytrance, techhouse, techno
Situated at the epicenter of Europe's club mecca, Ibiza born Djamal Fateh alias 'DJamal' garnered a unique feel for electronic music having had early exposure to the prolific luminaries headlining some of the party island's most renowned events.

Close to a year before the first decade of the second millennium, Djamal immersed himself in some of Ibiza's most prolific hotspots including Amnesia, Privilege, DC10 and Space, subsequently seizing the moment and progressively distending an extensive music collection to headline a debut gig at the opulently themed venue 'Bazaar' in Ibiza at the tender age of 15.
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Party agenda Djamal
Laatste optreden was op zaterdag 4 oktober 2014: HRFST festival, Fort bij de vechten, Bunnik
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